Volume 10 Issue 06

OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development
Open access peer-reviewed journal 

Estimation of Plant Production for sustainable use of Arid and Semi-arid Rangeland Ecosystems Using Satellite Data
Hossein Arzani a, Hamid Mohammadi b, Hamidreza Keshtkar c
a,b,c College of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Iran

Volume 10, Issue 06, Pg. 11-16, 2017.

Abstract: Regarding the role of rangelands in natural ecosystems and protection of water and soil, precise and principled management of these arenas seems necessary. Sustainable rangeland management practices are considered to be a solution to manage forage and rangeland degradation. In this study, plant production of arid and semi-arid rangeland in the northern province of Fars during period of 2006 and 2008 were estimated. Four sites were selected and production of plant species of 60 plots was measured. Different digital data were produced and correlation between these data and plant production calculated. The obtained data of the field measurements showed that the rangeland of these regions have little production on the whole. The estimation results of plant production in growth areas under study through LISS-3 digital data shows that there is a significant relationship between total production and digital data. In addition, our results indicate that there is no similarity between produced regression patterns in different studied sites and years.

Keywords:LISS-3 sensor, plant production,regression,vegetation indices.

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Environmental Rights and Sustainable Development in Nigeria
Olu Awolowo 
Department of Public Law, Faculty of Law, Olabisi Onabanjo  University, 
Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria. 

Volume 10, Issue 06, Pg. 17-24, 2017.

Abstract: The enforcement of environmental rights and claims in Nigeria will undoubtedly be an arduous task to litigations or claimants unless concerted efforts are made to protect man and the environment from environmental degradation and human rights violation consequent upon the activities of some multinational corporations in most developing countries especially in Nigeria. In spite of the human right and environmental abuses, there is the absence of a constitutionally guaranteed “environmental right” under the Nigerian law to remedy the various acts of environmental degradation and abuses. Consequently, this article seeks to critically look at the concept and generation of human rights, the status of environmental rights under the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended). The issue of environmental rights and sustainable development will also be considered in this discourse. Necessary recommendations and suggestions will be made in the light of the above expositions.

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Rights, Sustainable Development, Justiceable, Grundnorm

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Investigating the role of television on changing the behaviour of adolescents
Maryam Yousefi, Maryam Moghimi,
Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch
Science communication and Science and Research Branch Queshm, Iran

Volume 10, Issue 06, Pg. 25-40, 2017.

Abstract: This research aims to study “the role of television in the behavior modification of the
youth”. For this purpose, the survey method has been applied for this research and the
data required for analysis have been collected using questionnaire. The collected data
have been analyzed using descriptive and inferential tables of SPSS program. The
statistical population of this research includes the total 68 students of the master’s
program of communication science of the Islamic Azad University, who admitted to the
university in 2010. Due to the small size of the statistical population, census-sampling
method has been used. The results of this research show that parents cannot confront the negative impacts of television. Young people are largely attached to and affected by television. Television
can be to some extent as an appropriate means for children’s spare time. It teaches them
adult’s issues. It may disrupt children’s activities. Television may cause young
generation to become interested in consumerism. Spending spare time is one of positive
functions of television that attracts the youth. The quality and attraction of television
can absorb young people. Television is effective in the learning of children and young
people. It can also cause violation and aggressiveness of the youth. It is moreover
effective in the selection of job by them, and it may make them to feel embarrassed.

Keywords: Television, Positive Function of Television, Television and children.

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Legislative –Executive Relations and Public Policy Formulation and Implementation in Lagos State, Nigeria
Jacob Olufemi Fatile
Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Management Sciences,
Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria.

Volume 10, Issue 06, Pg. 42-52, 2017.

Abstract: The necessity of building a workable synergy and desirable relationship between the forces of government both at the levels of executive and legislative systems towards improved efficiency in her policy models lies at the heart of this study. The nature of legislature-executive relations over the years attracted a wide variety of viewpoints both about conflict and cooperation relationship. The main objective of the study is to determine the effect of legislative and executive relations on policy formulation and implementation with particular reference to Lagos State, Nigeria. The study used both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The quantitative method used a structured questionnaire designed by the researcher. The qualitative method used in-depth interview, Focused Group Discussions (FGDs) and direct observation. The population of the study consisted of members of the State Assembly, State Executive Council, Permanent Secretaries, Directors, Deputy Directors and other Senior Civil Officials in both legislative and executive arms of the State. The study adopts cross-sectional survey research design. It utilizes purposive sampling selected the sample of eighty (80) respondents drawn from the legislative and executive arms of Lagos state as participants in the study. Secondary data was sourced from relevant textbooks, academic journals, newspapers clippings as well as official documents and publications such as Gazettes and manuals from State House of Assembly, Governor’s office and relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). The Cronbach Alpha reliability for construct is 0.82. The data obtained were presented and analyzed using descriptive statistics while the stated hypotheses were tested using inferential statistics like the correlation and regression statistical methods. The findings indicated that cooperative legislative-executive relations engender improved performance in public policy formulation and implementation in Lagos state. It was discovered that the politic suffers from excessive interference and influence from the political class when the budget and appointments are concerned. The study, therefore, recommended among others by pointing out the importance of separation of powers in restraining the branches to ensure effectiveness in policy making and implementation as well as safeguarding budget process and enhancing accountability in public budgeting. It recommends that both arms of government should embark on regular capacity building on basic conflict resolution and management training to improving their conflict management skills as well as their problem-solving skills.

 Keywords: Budgetary Process, Conflict, Legislative – Executive Relations, Policy Implementation and Policy Making.

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